My first year of blogging was one long ride on the struggle bus. Everything, from when to post to what to talk about, was confusing and stressful. I realised that I needed a system to organise my writerly blog post ideas, and so—as part of my big plan to be a better blogger in 2018—I brainstormed loads and loads of them.

And now I’m sharing a few of them with you.

25 Writerly Blog Post Ideas

  1. Share your knowledge. Odds are, you’ve spent a lot of time researching something very specific, like 1970s cars, or Georgian table manners, or the best way to kill a man with a ballpoint pen. You know, for writing purposes.
  2. Share when, how, and why you started writing.
  3. Where do you go/what do you to to get inspiration?
  4. How do you balance writing with school/work/family?
  5. Do an in-depth post on your main character. Who are they? What’s their history? (This works equally well for side characters and antagonists, btw.)
  6. What’s your preferred genre and why?
  7. How do you avoid writerly burnout?
  8. What keeps you writing?
  9. Tell us all about your current novel. How did you land on the idea? How long have you been working on it? What’s it about? How’s it going?
  10. Are you a plotter or a pantser?
  11. What do you do when you aren’t writing?
  12. Are you aiming for traditional publishing or self-publishing?
  13. How [XYZ] makes you a better writer. How does a particular person/habit/hobby help you along?
  14. Delve into a controversial topic—but only if you’re feeling brave!
  15. “Interview” one of your characters.
  16. What do you wish writers knew about writing [XYZ]? What does everybody seem to get wrong?
  17. What do you wish non-writers knew about writers?
  18. Tell us about your writing space. Pictures, please!
  19. How do you beat writer’s block?
  20. What songs are on your writerly/WIP playlist? How did you build that playlist?
  21. Share your writing process from beginning to end. Show us how you come up with ideas, write them down, turn them into potential novels, draft, edit, the lot.
  22. Write an open letter about something that’s been on your mind.
  23. How has writing has changed your life?
  24. List your short-and long-term writerly goals.
  25. Tell us about your typical day. When/how do you fit in writing time? What’s your ideal writing time?

Do you have a schedule for blog posts? How do you keep it all organised? (I use an Excel spreadsheet because I’m a colossal nerd.)