Hi! I’m Ruby, and for the first time, I’m finishing a novel. The first seven don’t count.

Yeah, the first seven. Let’s just say the road up to Novel #8 has been…full of important lessons about writing. I’ve learned a heck of a lot about everything from character creation to pacing to how to tell your curious grandma what your story’s about without wishing that the earth would swallow you whole.

Now, as I finally finish a project that’s worth finishing and scooch that little bit closer to publication, I want to share what I’ve learned. I believe that writers should support each other in our mutual struggle towards greatness, and I believe that hard-earned knowledge is sweetest when it’s shared.

And, okay, I need an outlet to scream about books and writer’s block.

My favorite things include:

  • YA fiction, even though I’m not a huge romance fan. This can make finding a YA novel that I really enjoy something of a challenge. Nevertheless, I persist.
  • French fries. I am so weak for french fries.
  • Anything to do with culture, including anthropology (my hopefully-soon-to-be field of postgrad study), travel (I’ve lived abroad three times and set foot on four continents), foreign languages (I speak Spanish and French), and new foods (I’ve eaten lutefisk. I regret nothing).
  • The Oxford comma. It’s not up for debate. I will fight you all.
  • Aikido, the Japanese martial art of throwing your friends around like bowling balls and/or hitting them with wooden swords.
  • My red hair. I’m a goddamn unicorn with a genetic mutation that allows me to absorb more vitamin D from the sun. 

Because the writerly life is about so much more than the words you actually write, I try to take a holistic approach to the subject. I don’t just blog about my best writing tips; I blog about the writerly life, with all its ups and downs. From big issues like what the writerly life is all about, to practical topics like how to make your writing the best it can be, to breathless ranting about how good some book was, it’s all here. And it’s even organized by topic.

Come hang out for a while. We’ll swap some writing tips, cry over dead characters, and cheer each other on when the going gets tough. It’ll be a blast.