Hey there! I’m Ruby.

What I’m trying to say is, I know your pain. Come sit by me for a while and

I really love writing. Like, really, really love it. Like, drafted seven YA novels in the span of four years love it.

Hey, everybody does crazy stuff in college. Some people go on all-night party crawls, some people get high as a kite and order a lot of Pizza Hut, and some people suffer from serious depression but find comfort and even (dare I say it) joy in drafting novel after novel after novel. We all have our own version of youthful abandon, am I right?

My first novel was so terribad, it probably would have made Ron Swanson cry. My second one sucked beyond all reckoning. My third one was pretty awful. My fourth was kind of okay. My fifth actually had some good points. My sixth had so much potential that I’m currently replotting it. And my seventh is Lady of Daemons.

That’s right. My seventh novel is good enough to warrant a real title. The others are all just called things like “I Am the Walrus,” “The Ol’ Switcharoo,” and “WHAT IS THIS EVEN”.

With the completion of my first novel looming on the horizon, I’m gazing into the middle distance, stroking my imaginary beard and contemplating the best way to get a literary agent to represent me. I’m assuming that bribery in the form of baked goods will be involved.

I’m also thinking about how I can connect with and help other writers. I know a thing or two about writing a novel, and because I’ve learned the hard way (is there any other way?), I know the pitfalls of writing as well as—or maybe even better than—the high points. From bad characters to shallow worlds to plot holes big enough to squeeze Jupiter through, I’ve been there and cried over that. I’m also pretty familiar with how much courage it takes to actually show your work to another human being.

What I’m trying to say is, I know your pain. Come sit by me for a while and What I’m trying to say is, I know your pain. Come sit by me for a while and What I’m trying to say is, I know your pain. Come sit by me for a while and What I’m trying to say is, I know your pain. Come sit by me for a while and let’s talk writing. We’ll swap some writing tips, scream about all our favorite books, and cheer each other on when the going gets tough. It’ll be a blast.

(Oh, and that depression I had in college? A few months back, I finally kicked it into the storm drain to be eaten by a demon clown.)


Some Facts About Me:

  1. I took the Pottermore quiz twice and was Sorted into Hufflepuff both times. All the other Houses can kiss my badger butt.
  2. I started writing Lady of Daemons because I wanted to read a YA novel that had lots of supernatural magic, but zero romance. Post-Twilight, it was surprisingly hard to find that sort of book. (Okay, maybe it wasn’t that surprising.)
  3. No matter the time, no matter the place, I will fight you over the Oxford comma. Civilization would crumble without it.
  4. I was blonde as a kid, but—in the most magical moment of my life—my hair turned red when I hit puberty. No, I don’t know how hormones work, either.
  5. I’m a massive culture nerd and am currently completing a master’s degree in social anthropology in London. I have grand plans to do a video series about better worldbuilding through anthropology as soon as I have a spare minute.
  6. My hobbies include baking, knitting, drawing silly comics about life in London, and practicing aikido. I’d say that aikido is the only violent hobby I have, but I know what happens if you tell a knitter that natural fiber is superior to acrylic.
  7. I am, and will always remain, weak for French fries.



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