I haven’t had a lot of time for Top Ten Tuesday. It’s all about books, and…well…I just don’t have as much reading time anymore. #sadtruth

But I love—love—memes. Especially wholesome ones. (If you follow me on Twitter, this is old news to you. I’m all about wholesome memes and cute puppies.) So, this month, I thought I’d jump on board the Beautiful People meme. It’s hosted by Cait (aka Paper Fury), whose blog I adore, and Sky (aka Further Up and Further In), whose blog I…haven’t read yet *cringes*.

I’m so excited to jump into something new! So, without (much) further ado, let’s get into this month’s questions, which are all about…drumroll, please…


As all the best questions are.

  1. How do you decide which project to work on? I’m a very stubborn writer—I’d sooner disavow my precious son, Harry James Potter, than give up on a novel. I start working on whatever’s calling my name and let my stubbornness propel me across the finish line.
  2. How long does it usually take you to finish a project? Ever since I became a plantser (I was a hardcore pantser back in my young and foolish days), the process has gotten significantly quicker. Nowadays, I like two or three months to plan, one month to draft, and an eternity to edit. A N  E T E R N I T Y.
  3. Do you have any routines to put you in the writing mood? I used to sit down and write after I got home from school every day. It was great…until I graduated college. However, I’m moving to England and starting a new life as an academic hermit in the fall, so hopefully I’ll be able to get back into that routine.
  4. What time of day do you write best? I’m an afternoon writer. 4:00PM is my ideal start time.
  5. Are there any authors you think you have a similar style to? If I’m honest, I write like a mashup of Cassandra Clare and Rick Riordan. I’m less aggressively angsty-romancey than Clare is, and my jokes are quieter than Riordan’s, but i can see similarities in the way that we construct sentences and organize chapters.
  6. Why did you start writing, and why do you keep writing? I started writing because…and I’m not as ashamed of this as I should be…I was fifteen and had too many Twilight feels. I’ve since moved beyond fanfiction because, after writing quite a bit of it, I got a good enough grasp of story structure and character creation that I felt confident enough to try my hand at something original. The first book was a mess. I’ve since improved. And I love it.
  7. What’s the hardest thing you’ve written? I’m doing my darndest to kick my depression and anxiety, and I thought that writing about it might help, so I submitted to a mental illness anthology a few months ago. was so very wrong. Writing about my experiences made me feel so much worse. So I won’t be doing that again.
  8. Is there a project you want to tackle someday but you don’t feel ready yet? SO MANY. They include a high-flying, action-packed sky pirate adventure (but I’m bad at action scenes), a fantasy starring a genderless shapeshifter (but I’m barely versed in Gender Theory 101), and a whole series about the hilarious ongoing rivalry between two schools (but how will I ever manage to construct enough ridiculous yet plausible shenanigans??).
  9. What writing goals did you make for 2017 and how are they going? I only made one: Finish the novel by November 2017. Wrap it up, put a shiny bow on it, start lobbing it at agents. Getting into grad school hasn’t changed this goal…yet.
  10. Describe your writing process in 3 words or a gif! 

If you want to join in the fun, check out the Beautiful People meme! It runs all month, every month, and everyone is welcome.

Those are all my thoughts—now I want to hear yours!