Top Ten Tuesday: What’s On My Spring TBR

Spring has sprung here in London. I love all the flowers that pop up across the city, in parks and in front of flats and just in random weird places because literally anything will grow in this climate if it’s given half a chance. I’m also really excited to read some new books. But that’s […]

Even More Kickass YA Heroines

At this point, celebrating International Women’s Day with a list of ten kickass YA heroines is basically tradition for me. (You can find 2018’s list here and 2017’s list here.) Let’s get right to it, shall we? Here’s this year’s picks for the strong, the righteous, the brave, and the spirited. Zélie Adebola from Children […]

I Finished My Novel and I Feel So Many Things

I FINISHED MY NOVEL. I FINISHED MY NOVEL. I! FINISHED!! MY!!! NOVEL!!!! I am proud as a proud thing to have hit the save button for the last time, and now I’m just sitting back and letting all the emotions wash over me. Some of them are good, and some of them are bad, but […]

How to Query a Novel (According to Some Lit Agents)

My favourite part of YALC 2018, aside from the stacks of £5 books and catching a fleeting glimpse of Tomi Adeyemi, was the publishers’ corner. I took a LOT of notes there, especially during the panel about how to query a novel. Because let’s face it: I’m an uneducated peanut. I don’t know how to […]