September 2017 Writing Update

I've finished my edits, moved to London, and started grad school. Things are getting very real over here.

I HAVE FINISHED MY CHAPTER EDITS. ALSO, I HAVE MOVED TO ENGLAND. ALSO, ALSO, MY CLASSES START ON TUESDAY. THINGS ARE GETTING VERY REAL OVER HERE. With all this going on, you may be wondering: how the ever-lovin’ h*ck am I going to keep my writing on track? Well… Um. Good question, my friend. Lady […]

On My Shelf: Zodiac

These are the voyages of Rhoma “Rho” Grace, the protagonist of Zodiac, as she traverses her totally awesome Greek zodiac-based solar system trying to get somebody to take her warnings of impending doom seriously. What Zodiac is about: Rhoma “Rho” Grace is a Cancrian to the bone—or rather, to the heart. Intuitive, emotional, and loyal, Rho is devastated […]

10 English Class Books That I Actually Liked

I was never all that crazy about English class. Which is a weird thing to say, because: I love reading. I love writing. I have a favorite literary device (Chekhov’s gun) AND a favorite grammatical device (zeguma). When I realized that Beth and Winnie were foils I actually screamed with excitement. But English class was […]

September 2017 Writing Prompts

Thirty new creative writing prompts that I probably won't get to try out because I'm preparing to move to London and start grad school. Oh, well.

What? More writing prompts? But I just posted August’s batch last week! Well, I am, as my beloved Georgia Nicolson would say, “filled with magnanimosity. And creativitosity. Which is not an easy thing to say, let me tell you.” Enjoy!