10 Things I Hate in Books

This is part of The Broke and the Bookish‘s “Top Ten Tuesdays” meme. At the risk of pointing out the painfully obvious, I love to read. However, reading all the time brings the risk of accidentally reading something that you hate. And then you become very, very salty. Like me. I’m basically Lot’s wife. But I […]

How to Write Bilingual Characters

Bilingual characters are, in my humble opinion, awesome. Who doesn’t love it when the romantic heroine throws around some key Italian phrases to show off how sophisticated she is? Who doesn’t get thrown for a loop when the innocuous secondary character steps in and saves the big business deal with some #flawless Chinese? Plus, using multiple […]

On My Shelf: This Dark Endeavor

Kenneth Oppel's This Dark Endeavour is a crazy-good Frankenstein origin story. It's dark, it's grim, and it gets real creepy real fast.

I love me a good prequel. They’re basically fanfictions of great literature, and we all know how I feel about fanfiction. So Kenneth Oppel‘s This Dark Endeavor, aka the story of teenage Victor Frankenstein beginning to exhibit an alarming affinity for creepy, risky science, was right up my alley. It’s got prissy, old-timey prose, secret passages, […]

10 Things That Will Make Me Want to Read a Book

This is part of The Broke and the Bookish‘s “Top Ten Tuesdays” meme. There’s a lot that will make me want to read a book. By some miracle, I’ve whittled the list down to ten things. In principle, I believe that you should read a wide variety of genres so that you can get the greatest […]

Write Diverse Characters (Even If You’re Afraid To)

We need diverse books. We, as writers, need to write diverse books. But that can be...well, scary. Here's why you shouldn't let your fear of writing diverse characters stop you from doing it.

There’s a lot of discussion about the need for diversity in media, and as writers, we have an obligation to at least engage in that discussion. I like to think that most of us really like the idea of diversity in literature. I also like to think that most of us are painfully aware that […]