Why You Should Write Fanfiction

I got my start writing Twilight fanfiction. And I'm not ashamed of that. In fact, I think you should write fanfiction, too. (But it doesn't have to be Twilight.)

A while back, I mentioned that I got my fiction-writing start via Twilight fanfiction. Which is, okay, a little embarrassing for two reasons: one, it’s Twilight, and two…it’s Twilight. I went back and tried to re-read the first one last year and I just…ugh…gah. What I remembered as being a moody, dreamy, slightly dumb love […]

How I Knew I Was a Writer

When are you really a writer? When you're published? When you finish a novel? Nope! You're really a writer when writing stops being fun.

Being a writer is a funny thing. We wait and wait for some kind of outside validation—someone to tell us that we’re real writers now, not just hobbyists. Unfortunately, there’s no standard metric for when you become a writer, instead of just someone who likes to write. We have to figure it out all on […]

10 Authors That I Shouldn’t Meet

Every reader wants to meet their favorite authors. But I probably shouldn't meet mine...because I'd only make fool of myself.

This is part of The Broke And the Bookish’s “Top Ten Tuesdays” meme. Confession time: I’ve never met any authors. It’s a sorry state of affairs over here at Ruby’s.  Part of me wishes that I could meet all of my favorite authors, but the fact that I haven’t met any of them might be a good thing. […]

On My Shelf: The Wicked and the Just

The Wicked and the Just (J. Anderson Coats) isn’t the sort of book that I normally pick up because it doesn’t tick any of the boxes that I look for in a novel. I like my books to have: Magic, and lots of it. Action, especially explosions. Madcap adventures between lovable friends. Lots and lots of […]

The Writer’s Guide to Themes and Motifs

Writers need a decent grasp on English literature, but in case you haven't been in a classroom for years, here's a quick crash course on themes, motifs, and other literary terms you may have forgotten.

I was writing along the other day, as you do, when Calliope & Co. blessed me with insight. All of my characters make horrible decisions fueled by good intentions. That sounds so h*cking fancy. What a great theme. Or is it a motif? It’s been a really long time since I was in an English class. Even […]