Stop Worrying About Being Original

Want to write something original? Worried that you'll never write anything unique? Here's why you shouldn't worry about not writing original work.

Writers stress endlessly over being original enough. Beyond the fact that plagiarization is a crime (and a very expensive crime, at that), we all suffer from this idea that if we aren’t 1000% original at all times, our ideas aren’t good enough. We think that if someone else thought of it first, they’ve essentially called […]

How to Stay Healthy as a Writer

Writers are notoriously unhealthy—we spend all our time sitting in front of computers. Here are some tips for staying healthy while you write that novel.

The idea of being a healthy writer can seem a bit oxymoronic. Ernest Hemingway didn’t say “Write drunk, edit sober,” because he was invested in a healthy lifestyle. (Actually, he didn’t say that at all. The truth is never very exciting, is it?) More recently, Neil Gaiman quipped, “No, my people, we stay indoors. We […]

10 Kickass YA Heroines

This International Women's Day, celebrate with some of the most kickass girls of YA literature—including Hermione Granger, Annabeth Chase, and Éowyn, Lady of Rohan, Lady of Emyn Arnen, Lady of Ithilien, Shieldmaiden of Rohan, et. al

Once again, this post is late because I was on a plane. And sick. But who cares about that? It’s INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! To celebrate, here are just ten of my favorite kickass YA heroines—the girls and women who know how to be tough and who choose to be loving. Hermione Granger, the Harry Potter series […]

On My Shelf: Girl, Nearly 16, Absolute Torture

Girl, Nearly 16, Absolute Torture, by Sue Limb, is my favorite book of all time. Yes, it’s a bit dated—it takes place during a primitive time when you had to get out of bed to access the Internet. Yes, it’s a silly teen comedy, and not a masterpiece of modern literature. And, yes, Jess Jordan wouldn’t […]

6 Tips for Naming Your Characters

Who else LOVES naming characters? That’s right. We all do. I can spend hours just browsing baby name websites. Google thinks that I’m pregnant and keeps trying to sell me baby booties. Which, you know, are adorable, but what I’m actually after is the perfect name for New Character #847. It’s only natural to want […]