I Have a Lot of Thoughts About Bella Swan

Yes, it’s true. We’re talking about Bella Swan today. Hey, where are you going? Get back here! Look, I know that Bella Swan isn’t a very interesting character. She’s pretty bland, and pretty passive, and—from a writer’s point of view, at least—obviously designed as a self-insert character. She’s a whole lot of nothing, which means […]

25 Writerly Blog Post Ideas

My first year of blogging was one long ride on the struggle bus. Everything, from when to post to what to talk about, was confusing and stressful. I realised that I needed a system to organise my writerly blog post ideas, and so—as part of my big plan to be a better blogger in 2018—I […]

7 YA Books That I’m Dying to Read

There are SO MANY BOOKS that I’m dying to read. D Y I N G. But because it’s exam season, and because I’ve been preparing to begin dissertation fieldwork, I haven’t been reading much YA. Most of what I’ve read for the past month and a half has been titled stuff like, “The Conservative Governments […]

Four Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

I didn’t want to write this post because I was suffering from writer’s block. And the only reason I finally did sit down to write it was because I got stuck on my novel. So today, we’re talking about the world’s most famous writerly problem, besides being a Tortured Artist™: writer’s block. dun dun DUNNNNNN. […]