I Don’t Have a Muse but I Do Have a Club

We all know that famous, “Sing to me, O Muse,” line from The Odyssey (though you may know it by its other title, Area Man Just Wants to Go Home). And while I make the occasional passing reference to Calliope & Co., it’s because I like making nerd jokes. I’m not actually beseeching Calliope for anything. In […]

Let’s Talk About Love Was a Big Bag O’ Disappointment

It’s Pride Month, and I’ve wanted to read Claire Kann’s Let’s Talk About Love since the moment I heard about it. It is an asexual romance, people. I have never in my life seen a book starring an asexual person, never mind one that focuses exclusively on the romantic longings of an asexual person. In […]

I’m Not Setting Any More Big Goals

I’ve got big dreams. All writers do. We’re aiming to see our books published and build careers around our stories. For some of us, that means getting signed on by an agent; for others, that means self-publishing. And you know what they say: a dream is just a dream until you turn it into a […]

My Favourite 15 Things on Pinterest

Pinterest is a GIANT black hole. I can lose entire afternoons to putting together the perfect Hufflepuff aesthetic board or just scrolling through cute kitten pictures. But did you know that it’s also a pretty good writing resource? okay you probably knew that but shhh I use Pinterest a lot to organise my ideas and […]

5 Ways to Deal with Writerly Envy

We’ve all done it. We’ve all opened up Twitter and seen the news that someone has signed on with an agent, or sold a manuscript for six figures, or is going on a magical tour of the world to promote their book which is being turned into a movie. We’ve all sat there, knowing that […]