7 YA Books That I’m Dying to Read

There are SO MANY BOOKS that I’m dying to read. D Y I N G. But because it’s exam season, and because I’ve been preparing to begin dissertation fieldwork, I haven’t been reading much YA. Most of what I’ve read for the past month and a half has been titled stuff like, “The Conservative Governments […]

Four Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

I didn’t want to write this post because I was suffering from writer’s block. And the only reason I finally did sit down to write it was because I got stuck on my novel. So today, we’re talking about the world’s most famous writerly problem, besides being a Tortured Artist™: writer’s block. dun dun DUNNNNNN. […]

Spring Writing Prompts and the Sound of Me Screaming

Oh my gosh, guys, can you believe that spring is here?? It’s already April! I feel like the first quarter of 2018 has gone super-fast, but to be totally honest, things have been  a b s o l u t e  m a d n e s s  on my end. My second semester has […]

How Your Hobbies Make You a Better Writer

We all know that if you aren’t writing, the story doesn’t get written. That unfortunate truth gets reinforced so often that sometimes I fear that it slips to its logical conclusion: If you aren’t writing, the story doesn’t get written, and you’re a bad writer. Hobbies be damned—the novel has to come first. That particularly […]

Dumplin’ Made Me Feel a Whole Lot of Feelings

I’ve wanted to read Dumplin’ for over a year now, but because I’m a poor grad student, buying it wasn’t an option. My budget is limited and I don’t want to buy a book that I haven’t already read and loved. Being an adult is hard. Enter my trusty local library, and some minor begging and […]