I am currently querying Lady of Daemons, a YA historical fantasy set in an alternate 1880s Wales. It’s got daemonic possession, foofy mourning dresses, ethical quandries, distant political turmoil, and a lot of rain and mud. You can read more about it here.

I am also in the middle of drafting another YA historical fantasy, The Final Days, which follows the adventures of five queer sky pirates with too many emotions. You can read more about it here.

You can also learn about my various short works here, and see my full backlog of projects here.

Things That Are Important to Me in Novels

  1. Passing the Bechdel test. Two named female characters. One conversation that isn’t about a man. If I ever fail to do this, my only hope of regaining my honour will be to capture the Avatar.
  2. Meaningful diversity and good representation. Because nobody likes a token minority and crummy stereotyping.
  3. Subversion of toxic masculinity. Boys deserve to cry and love their friends, too.
  4. Moving past “strong female characters.” I think we can all agree that this trope is bland, uninspiring, and positively reeking of internalised misogyny. Moving on!
  5. Healthy relationships. I’m just not here for romanticising toxicity.