Lady of Daemons

About: A historical fantasy YA novel set in an alternate 1880s Wales, where ghostly daemons infect a few unlucky souls and, far away, sky pirate feuds threaten to destabilise the Continent.

Status: Currently being queried.

Ideal for fans of: Frances Hardinge’s A Skinful of Shadows; Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork Angel; Megan Shepherd’s The Madman’s Daughter

Quick pitch: A possessed Victorian orphan must rely on the capricious creature inside her head in order to protect her mad cousin – and herself – from monsters both past and present.

The Final Days

About: A historical fantasy YA novel with a light steampunk twist that follows five young, queer sky pirates as they attempt to shoot down the most powerful skyship above the Continent.

Status: Currently being revised.

Ideal for fans of: Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan; Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows

Quick pitch: The skyship Coral Snake took everything from five young, queer sky pirates. They’re ready to return the favour.

None of This Means Anything

About: A contemporary YA fantasy about family, identity, and the value of being seen for who you truly are. Even if who you are isn’t entirely human.

Status: Currently being re-plotted.

Ideal for fans of: Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before; Tomm Moore’s Song of the Sea; Claire Kann’s Let’s Talk About Love

Quick pitch: A lazy but loveable selkie’s life is thrown into chaos when some nosy family friends bring drama to her island home.