Lady of Daemons

About: A historical-fantasy YA novel set in an alternate 1880s Wales, where ghostly daemons “infect” (possess) a few unlucky souls and, far away, sky pirate feuds threaten to destabilise the Continent.

Status: Currently being queried.

Comp:The Secret Garden + A Skinful of Shadows.

Quick pitch: Her cousin is insane, there’s a daemon living inside her head, and sky pirates are threateing to drag Europe into war. Is it any wonder that Beth’s in a bad mood? Find out more →

The Final Days

About: A historical fantasy YA novel that takes place in the same world as Lady of Daemons, but explores a radically different aspect of it. While Lady of Daemons focuses on…well, daemons, The Final Days is all about sky pirates. Action! Adventure! Violence! Emotions!

Status: Currently being drafted.

Comp:Leviathan + Six of Crows

Quick pitch: The skyship Coral Snake took everything from five young, queer sky pirates. They’re ready to return the favour. Find out more →

None of This Means Anything

About: A contemporary YA fantasy and the tattered remains of my 2013 NaNoWriMo novel. I loved the characters and the magic, but the plot was…well. Let’s just say the plot had some issues.

Status: Currently being re-plotted.

Comp:Stay Sweet + Song of the Sea

Quick pitch: A lazy but loveable selkie’s life is thrown into chaos when some nosy family friends bring drama to her island home.