Book Reviews

Top Ten Tuesday: What’s On My Spring TBR

Spring has sprung here in London. I love all the flowers that pop up across the city, in parks and in front of flats and just in random weird places because literally anything will grow in this climate if it’s given half a chance. I’m also really excited to read some new books. But that’s […]

One of My Favourite Authors Died and My Heart is Broken

For the past five years, every time I’ve gone into a bookstore, I’ve checked under “R” in the hopes that I’ll see a new Louise Rennison title. And for the past five years, there’s been nothing. And now I know why that is. Turns out that Louise Rennison was another casualty of 2016. I’m not […]

I Freakin’ Loved Lydia, Which was a Surprise

I’m generally not a huge fan of books that take a beloved piece of literature and say, “Oh, but what if the story was told from THIS character’s perspective??” because I live in fear of being told, “The characters you thought you loved are secretly awful! See them for what they are! Repent in dust […]

Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality

How can anyone resist a title like Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality (Elizabeth Eulberg)? I love these long, wordy titles that promise all kinds of mischief and mayhem. Also, speaking as someone with a great personality and zero pageant crowns (though, in fairness, I’ve never been in a pageant), all it took was a […]

Let’s Talk About Love Was a Big Bag O’ Disappointment

It’s Pride Month, and I’ve wanted to read Claire Kann’s Let’s Talk About Love since the moment I heard about it. It is an asexual romance, people. I have never in my life seen a book starring an asexual person, never mind one that focuses exclusively on the romantic longings of an asexual person. In […]