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September 2017 Writing Update

I've finished my edits, moved to London, and started grad school. Things are getting very real over here.

I HAVE FINISHED MY CHAPTER EDITS. ALSO, I HAVE MOVED TO ENGLAND. ALSO, ALSO, MY CLASSES START ON TUESDAY. THINGS ARE GETTING VERY REAL OVER HERE. With all this going on, you may be wondering: how the ever-lovin’ h*ck am I going to keep my writing on track? Well… Um. Good question, my friend. Lady […]

August 2017 Writing Update

In the past six weeks, I've traveled around Europe (Iceland! England! Italy!), sunk into the depths of writerly despair, and eaten Greenland shark. It was not good.

In the past month, I haven’t written, and I haven’t posted. Sure, I’ve been active on social media, but the novel and the blog? Dead in the water. But I swear I have good explanations for both. I didn’t post on this blog because my website’s backend code had a bug in it that prevented […]

Beautiful People Meme: The Writerly Mind

I haven’t had a lot of time for Top Ten Tuesday. It’s all about books, and…well…I just don’t have as much reading time anymore. #sadtruth But I love—love—memes. Especially wholesome ones. (If you follow me on Twitter, this is old news to you. I’m all about wholesome memes and cute puppies.) So, this month, I thought […]

June 2017 Writing Update

I said I was going to finish my edits by the end of June. I lied.

At the beginning of the month, I announced that big, big changes were in the air because I had just been accepted to graduate school in London. (I’m still excited. Even the prospect of being fingerprinted by Homeland Security in order to get a visa hasn’t put me off.) I also said that I was […]