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Even More Kickass YA Heroines

At this point, celebrating International Women’s Day with a list of ten kickass YA heroines is basically tradition for me. (You can find 2018’s list here and 2017’s list here.) Let’s get right to it, shall we? Here’s this year’s picks for the strong, the righteous, the brave, and the spirited. Zélie Adebola from Children […]

I Identified with Fangirl a Little Too Much

I actually remember when Fangirl (Rainbow Rowell) came out, although it didn’t really register on my radar at the time. I’ve never really been one for slice-of-life stories, nor am I all that fond of NA; but Noelle Stevenson had done the cover art, and you all know that I love Noelle Stevenson. It wasn’t […]

2018 Highlights and 2019 Goals

Another year has come and gone, and with the end of 2018 comes the annual highlights reel. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for two years! I won’t lie, the past two years have been one big ol’ learning curve for me. When I decided to launch an author platform back in 2016, I spent […]

I Just Read Meg & Linus and My Heart is Full of Rainbows

Get it?? Get it?? Because everyone is gay?? (shut up I’m hilarious) But there’s another reason why my heart is full of rainbows, and it’s because this book is just. So. Pure. It’s about best friends and Star Trek and being brave even when you’re sure you’re about to get your heart crushed and I just […]