Writing Tips and Prompts

Four Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

I didn’t want to write this post because I was suffering from writer’s block. And the only reason I finally did sit down to write it was because I got stuck on my novel. So today, we’re talking about the world’s most famous writerly problem, besides being a Tortured Artist™: writer’s block. dun dun DUNNNNNN. […]

How Your Hobbies Make You a Better Writer

We all know that if you aren’t writing, the story doesn’t get written. That unfortunate truth gets reinforced so often that sometimes I fear that it slips to its logical conclusion: If you aren’t writing, the story doesn’t get written, and you’re a bad writer. Hobbies be damned—the novel has to come first. That particularly […]

How to Curate a Writing Playlist

For the longest time, I thought I couldn’t write with music on. It inevitably distracted me or pulled me out of the scene that I was trying to write. But then—in what may have been the biggest duh moment of my writing life—I realised that I was doing it all wrong. I was listening to random […]

Why Writers Should Use Foils

One of my all-time fave literary devices is the foil. Foils are great. No, not the kind you make hats out of. No, not the kind you fence with. No, not the—you know what, maybe I’ll just tell you the kind I mean. There are too many kinds of foils out there. (nyuk nyuk nyuk) […]