I love to read and post a book review of a YA novel once a month. My opinions are all my own, and I am not compensated for the reviews.

My reviews are also 100% honest. I never seek to damage an author’s reputation or sales in any way, but I believe that it’s unfair to say that I loved a novel when I didn’t. My goal when reviewing a book is to be as fair and honest as possible. I try to avoid reviewing books that I didn’t enjoy, but I also don’t shy away from the occasional tepid review.

Got a book you want me to review?

My jam:

  • Any kind of fantasy, but especially urban/contemporary
  • Fluffy rom-coms (bonus points if there’s more com than rom)
  • Cosy mysteries
  • YA, JYA, and MG

Not my cup of tea:

  • Dystopias
  • Gore
  • Sexual violence
  • Coming-of-age/triumph-of-the-human-spirit stories where the MC just suffers a lot
  • NA, adult, and Christian

I’m always on the lookout for great reads, so if you’ve got a book you think I’ll love, please shoot me an email!

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