How did you set up your website?
(Just so you know, I don’t get any kind of compensation for throwing all these name brands around. Let’s face it, I’m not popular enough for that ūüėõ But I do get this question a lot, soo…)

  • My domain is from¬†Namecheap
  • My site is powered by WordPress
  • My theme is the¬†Quinn theme¬†from Bluchic¬†(pricey, but absolutely worth it)
  • The cursive font that I use for accents is¬†Le French; it’s 100% free from DaFont
  • The little cacti watercolours are courtesy of Gold and Berry¬†and Angie Makes, both of which offer clip art that is free for personal use
  • All my photos are either ones I’ve taken myself, or ones that I’ve found on Unsplash and Pexels, both of which offer free stock photos

I want to start blogging but I don't know how?? Please advise??
Blogging is super fun! You should definitely give it a go.

Start small. Decide what you want to blog about, pick a name, and come up with a list of ten blog posts that you actually want to write. Read some other blogs in your niche for inspiration. If you’re looking to use your blog as part of an author platform, I recommend Your Author Platform with all my heart and soul. For general advice and ideas, I also really love Wonderlass and Ivory Mix, even though they’re not writing-centric.

Finally…a gentle reminder that you’re probably going to do a lot of changing stuff around before you find something that really works for you. And that’s okay! Change your theme! Replace all your pictures! Be fearless!

When will your book be out?
Hopefully soon! I’ll begin querying¬†Lady of Daemons¬†in January 2019. I’m pursuing traditional publishing, which works on a slightly slower timeline than self-publishing does – but with a little luck, my debut will be published within the next few years.

How do you edit your Instagram photos?
One of the biggest lies I ever believed was that you need fancy equipment and a black belt in Photoshop to take good Instagram photos. You do not. I take all my pictures with my phone and use a single free app called Snapseed to adjust the colours and exposure. (I also take all my photos near a window when it’s not too bright out. Soft, natural lighting is your friend, guys.)

I want to start writing but I'm not sure how.
Personally, I recommend starting with fanfiction. It’s a great starting point¬†and I still use it to improve. Plus, it’s really fun! If you’re unsure how to start,¬†MidnightStarlightWrites has some great videos on writing fanfiction.

It’s also really helpful, especially in the beginning, to set aside some time for writing. Block off some time, close the door, sit down, and get typing. And remember…everyone’s first draft is complete and utter crap.

Do you have a newsletter?
Not yet. It’s something that I’d like to do within the next few years, but right now, my focus is on finishing my debut novel. In the meantime, remember that I publish a new blog post every other Monday, rain or shine. (Though when you live in London, the odds of rain are significantly higher.)

I really want you to read and review this book!
Yay! I love new book recommendations. Before you send me an email about the book, though, please check my review policy to see if it fits the bill.

Do you accept guest posts?
I’ll do! Here’s the brief:

  • Roughly 500 words long
  • All about YA books or writing (but please, don’t just promote your own work!)
  • A gentle, humorous tone – read some of my blog posts to see if yours will fit my overall style
  • GIFs are always welcome
  • Put a lil’ bit about yourself at the bottom and include links back to your website so that everyone will know who you are and where to find you!

If you’ve got something that you’d like to share, please shoot me an email!

I’m also always happy to write guest posts, so if you’d like my work on your blog, please reach out!