I’ve just hit a big, big, BIG milestone with Lady of Daemons: my critique partners are reaching the end of the manuscript. Three of them have totally finished it and the other two are closing in fast. I’ve got loads of feedback to process and answers to my most pressing questions. The critique partner portion of writing this novel…is ending.

The critique partner process is definitely the scariest thing I’ve come up against so far. I’m sure that querying will be just as scary, but sending your work out to be reviewed by total strangers isn’t exactly a cakewalk in the park. It’s all kinds of nerve-wracking to send your first chapter out to a potential CP and hope that they like it.

But they shouldn’t just like it.

At the end of the day, getting loads of praise is fun, but not very helpful. A good CP is a balance of nice and critical—someone who’s as comfortable criticising your work as they are praising it. I’ve been really lucky to work with Faith, Ríona, Mikaela, Claerie, and Clay.

A good critique partner is worth their weight in gold. It’s scary to show other people your work, but it’s the only way to genuinely get a feel for what other people think of your novel. At the end of the day, novels are written to be read by other people—so it’s to your advantage to find out what other people think.

Who’s the best CP you’ve ever had? What made them so great?