My current project is Lady of Daemons, a YA historical fantasy set in an alternate 1880s Wales. It’s got daemonic possession, foofy mourning dresses, ethical quandries, distant political turmoil, and a lot of rain and mud. You can read more about it here.

Because I’m a writer, and therefore totally unable to stop generating ideas at 2:00AM, I’ve also got a few other projects on the back burner, including a Lady of Daemons spinoff that explores a different aspect of that world. You can read more about it, and another back-burner project, here.

Things That Are Important to Me in Novels

  1. Passing the Bechdel test. Two named female characters. One conversation that isn’t about a man. If I ever fail to do this, my only hope of regaining my honour will be to capture the Avatar.
  2. Meaningful diversity and good representation. Because nobody likes a token minority and crummy stereotyping.
  3. Subversion of toxic masculinity. Boys deserve to cry and love their friends, too.
  4. Moving past “strong female characters.” I think we can all agree that this trope is bland, uninspiring, and positively reeking of internalised misogyny. Moving on!
  5. Healthy relationships. I’m just not here for romanticising toxicity.