The Final Days

About: The Final Days is a YA historical fantasy that takes place in the same world as Lady of Daemons, but explores a different aspect of it. While Lady of Daemons focuses on…well, daemons, The Final Days is all about sky pirates. Action! Adventure! Violence! Emotions!

I intend to have the first draft finished by December 2018.

Synopsis: The indomitable pirate skyship Coral Snake leaves no survivors…which is why Tomás and Elena Arrellano are so surprised to have survived its wrath. Determined not to waste any time, the siblings swear revenge and form a hasty alliance with two other sky pirates and one very overwhelmed Groundling. Ill-equipped and ill-prepared, the five begin the search for the mysterious Spider, who will either gift them the information they need to destroy the Coral Snake once and for all…or kill them.


The pirate skyship Coral Snake took everything from them. They're ready to return the favor.


None of This Means Anything

About: A contemporary YA fantasy, None of This Means Anything is the tattered remains of my 2013 NaNoWriMo novel. I loved the characters and the magic, but the plot was…well. Let’s just say the plot had some issues.

This idea is currently shelved, but I think about it often and I hope to start redeveloping it within the next two or three years.

Synopsis: Jamie Dawson is different but not special. Different, because she’s a selkie. Not special, because she doesn’t have a chosen one destiny to live up to or anything like that. She just happens to be a girl who can turn into a seal—a detail that’s about as important as her Mario Kart high score.

But not everyone sees it that way.