Pinterest is a GIANT black hole. I can lose entire afternoons to putting together the perfect Hufflepuff aesthetic board or just scrolling through cute kitten pictures. But did you know that it’s also a pretty good writing resource?

okay you probably knew that but shhh

I use Pinterest a lot to organise my ideas and get writing advice. It’s like a giant bulletin board, or a digital filing cabinet. Of all the many, many things that I’ve found on Pinterest, these are 15 of my favourites.

 Five people you gotta follow on Pinterest:

  1. Maggie Maxwell. She has SO MANY INSPIRATION BOARDS.
  2. Your Writer Platform. Kim has a million ideas for how to set up the writerly website of your dreams.
  3. Writerology. I’m totally in love with Faye’s weekly Twitter chat #storycrafter and her Pinterest boards are just as good.
  4. Maria Ribas. She’s a literary agent who really, really, really loves cookbooks. She also writes lots of blog posts on how to get a literary agent to notice you.
  5. Wonderlass. Allison isn’t a writer by trade, but she’s got so many helpful posts and worksheets. If you want help building or branding your site, she’s the go-to.

Five of my favourite group boards:

  1. The Writer’s Sandbox. Modded by the fantastic Mandy Wallace, this group board is huge, popular, and honestly my favourite one on Pinterest.
  2. Writers Unite! This is a great board with over 1,000 contributors. Loads of tips, loads of encouragement.
  3. Writing Prompts. Another one of Mandy Wallace’s group boards. What? They’re the best.
  4. The Write Stuff. This group board, modded by Maggie Maxwell, is a great mish-mash of stylistic and technical tips, blogging advice, and writing prompts.
  5. We Like to Write. I only joined this board recently, but I love its small-group vibe and the fact that they chose a Writer Snow Leopard meme as the board cover.

Five boards that you need to have:

  1. Writing prompts. Do you know how many great story ideas there are on Pinterest? SO MANY. Make yourself a board to stick them in so you don’t lose them.
  2. Character inspiration. There are, like, a million gorgeous portraits on Pinterest and every single one of them is going to be a character someday. No, really. I’ll write those stories someday. Promise.
  3. Writing advice. From how the classic three-act structure works to how much damage different-sized bullets will do, Pinterest has your back.
  4. About me. You get, what, 180 characters in your bio? If that? Lame. Tell the good people of the Internet who you are in pictures.
  5. WIP board(s). So that you have a handy visual reference for all your great stories.

Do you use Pinterest much? Do you have any must-follows?