At the beginning of the month, I announced that big, big changes were in the air because I had just been accepted to graduate school in London. (I’m still excited. Even the prospect of being fingerprinted by Homeland Security in order to get a visa hasn’t put me off.)

I also said that I was going to finish editing my novel by the end of the month. You can probably guess how that turned out.

That was a despicable lie, and I said it knowing that it would turn out that way. That goal was simply too big, given everything else that I have to do in order to drag my life into order.

But that’s not to say that I didn’t get some pretty big things done.

  1. I’m about a third of the way though. That’s pretty h*cking good.
  2. I’ve got 259 corrections, big and small, yet to be made. (This is down from about 400). At least half of those corrections just say “yes?” or “fix,” and can be cleared up by simply fact-checking my own manuscript for timeline errors or replacing one awkward sentence.
  3. I rewrote chapter one. It was a truly sucky chapter, full of confusion and info-dumping as I struggled to get my thoughts on the page. Not any longer! The new chapter scatters critical information much more evenly and is way more coherent (and exciting).
  4. I rewrote chapter eleven, which I know doesn’t mean much to you guys, but trust me…it needed rewriting. I’m no longer mortally ashamed when I think of it.
  5. I (mentally) rewrote the ending. Back in May, I bit the bullet and rewrote a yuuuge chunk of the book. I like the new falling action and ending much better, but it needs tightening up. I know how I’m going to do that.
  6. I’ve started thinking about the future. I have too many ideas to fit into one book, and with the canon (finally) sorted out, it’s time to start coalescing my sequel ideas into sequel plots. It’s less critical work than finishing the first book, but it’s important work nonetheless.
  7. I toyed around with title ideas. TITLES ARE THE WORST. I’m awful at them. I’ve been calling this manuscript The Infection of Elizabeth Bishop for a long time, but I don’t really like it. It sounds stodgy and un-magical; it implies that Beth goes by her full name, which she definitely doesn’t; and, worst of all, it makes it sound like the protagonist has the flu. I’m still toying with ideas, but guys, how does Lady of Daemons sound? ‘Cause I think it sounds way cooler than The Infection of Elizabeth Bishop. Plus, it’s pithier.

So I didn’t finish my edits. So what? I still got a LOT done. And given that the term doesn’t start until late September, I’ve still got time to do a lot more.

Those are all my thoughts—now I want to hear yours!