Get it?? Get it?? Because everyone is gay??

(shut up I’m hilarious)

But there’s another reason why my heart is full of rainbows, and it’s because this book is just. So. Pure. It’s about best friends and Star Trek and being brave even when you’re sure you’re about to get your heart crushed and I just –

What Meg & Linus is about:

Meg and Linus are queer nerds who are also best friends. They don’t have a lot going, but they’ve got each other and coffee and Star Trek marathons. Life is pretty good…until Meg’s girlfriend dumps her, and Linus gets a massive crush on a guy who probably isn’t even gay, and their quiet little lives get thrown into romantic turmoil. Can their friendship survive the drama?

My thoughts on Meg & Linus:

I read this book on holiday, and it was honestly the perfect holiday read. The chapters were short and the content was wholesome. It also wasn’t a very complex story, if I’m honest. You could pretty much see how things were going to go, and the character development was small and steady. The families were functional, the relationships were healthy, and even in the most intense moments, I was never really scared that Meg and Linus were going to ruin their friendship. Even the queerness of the book was muted. There was some reference to the fact that the world isn’t always kind to queer relationships, but I never worried that things were about to take an ugly turn for either of the sweet titular characters.

It’s the sort of book that I really enjoy, but I can see how it might not be for everyone. Meg & Linus isn’t an escape from the real world in that it flings you into this incredible, heart-stopping adventure; it’s an escape that takes you to a world that’s a lot softer and gentler than our own. I felt so good after reading it that I gave it four stars on Goodreads, but now that the warm fuzzies have worn away, I think that it was really more of a three-star read. (I’m not changing my rating, though, because ya girl takes responsibility for her actions.)

Do you enjoy low-stakes books, or do you need some action and drama? Do you ever go back and change your Goodreads ratings?