These are the voyages of Rhoma “Rho” Grace, the protagonist of Zodiac, as she traverses her totally awesome Greek zodiac-based solar system trying to get somebody to take her warnings of impending doom seriously.

What Zodiac is about:

Rhoma “Rho” Grace is a Cancrian to the bone—or rather, to the heart. Intuitive, emotional, and loyal, Rho is devastated when her beloved planet is wrecked by disaster. Even worse, House Cancer is only the first House to be struck.

Rho has read the stars and she believes that the disaster that befell House Cancer was the work of Ochus, the exiled thirteenth Guardian of Zodiac legend. However, Rho’s unusual method of reading the stars—and the fact that Ochus is considered nothing more than a myth—means that the Twelve Houses of the Zodiac galaxy are quick to offer sympathy but slow to believe Rho’s growing suspicion that the disaster was no accident.

When she’s appointed as House Cancer’s new Guardian, Rho takes it upon herself to convince the galaxy that Ochus is not only real, but has returned and presents a dire threat.

On My Shelf: Romina Russell's Zodiac

My thoughts on Zodiac:

I won’t lie to you all: I found Zodiac to be a pretty mixed bag.

I love the idea of space. I’m vaguely obsessed with the whole “space aesthetic.” (I mean, this is is the photo I took of this book for Instagram. Because I have a light-up constellation skirt. That is an actual thing that I own.)

Combine that with the fact that I’m a yuuuuge worldbuilding geek, and you can probably guess how much I loved the world that Zodiac was set in. I mean, travelling the galaxy! Visiting radically different cultures bound only by a somewhat tenuous alliance! Spaceships! Stars! Quasi-magical technology! WHERE IS MY ETHNOGRAPHY OF THIS GALAXY

The downside to all this? I found all the dazzling descriptions of environments, societies, and philosophies overwhelming. I could barely focus on anything else. The plot kind of got swamped in descriptions of worlds, technologies, societies, and all those amazing views from various spaceship windows.

And then…there was Rho. Oh, Rho, how I wanted to connect with you. But there was just no chemistry between us.

Rho is a perfectly fine character, but for some reason, we just didn’t click. I had trouble latching onto her defining trait—you know, that thing that makes her really stick out from the rest of House Cancer.

But maybe that was the point. Maybe she was named House Guardian because she’s the most Cancrian Cancer to have ever Cancered. But as someone who isn’t super-familiar with what makes a Cancer, a Cancer, it was hard for me to recognize why she was chosen to represent the House. (And don’t give me that “she reads the stars intuitively” rubbish—we both know that everyone thought she was bonkers for doing that.)

It’s a sad day when you don’t love a book as much as you thought you would, but ultimately, I did like Zodiac and I do recommend it. I’ll also be reading the rest of the books in the series (the last one just came out) because SCHMANCY SPACE WORLD.

Those are all my thoughts—now I want to hear yours!

Have you read Zodiac? Did you like it? Have you seen the A M A Z I N G website? Do you agree with me or am I totally wrong about everything? What’s your astrology sign? Would you want to live in your sign’s House or would you rather go elsewhere? What’s your favorite space adventure book/TV show/movie? Are we alone in the universe? Is the truth out there?