The Final Days is a YA historical fantasy that takes place in the same world as Lady of Daemons, but explores a different aspect of it. While Lady of Daemons focuses on…well, daemons, The Final Days is all about sky pirates. Action! Adventure! Violence! Emotions!

The story follows five queer sky pirates as they seek bloody revenge against the pirate skyship that took everything from them. It is currently being drafted.


The indomitable pirate skyship Coral Snake leaves no survivors…which is why Tomás and Elena are so surprised to survive its attack on their skyship. Alone in the world and determined not to waste any time, the siblings swear revenge and form a hasty alliance with two other sky pirates and one very overwhelmed Groundling. Ill-equipped and ill-prepared, the five set off to find the mysterious and dangerous Spider, who will either give them the information they need to destroy the Coral Snake – or kill them.

What should be a straightforward revenge mission is soon complicated by fracturing alliances and shifting desires. As emotions rise to a boil and dark secrets are revealed, the young sky pirates must decide how much they are willing to sacrifice in the name of vengeance, honour, and freedom.

The pirate skyship Coral Snake took everything from them. They're ready to return the favor.

Main Characters

Fifteen-year-old Elena, nicknamed Lightfoot thanks to her impressive prosthetic limbs, has just one thing on her mind: bloody revenge against the Coral Snake. Despite being the youngest of the crew, Elena is by far the most determined, and – to her immense frustration – she often finds herself pushing the others to take the extreme actions that will be necessary if they are to succeed. She is fiery and headstrong and tends to try to act older than she is.

Elena’s older brother Tomas, better known as the Cat, is charming and handsome and very aware of these facts. Unlike his sister, he does not dream of glory and infamy as a sky pirate; he is content to float along, taking what he wants when he wants it and generally enjoying himself. Following the destruction of his home and family, however, Tomas is forced to set aside his more hedonistic impulses in favour of doing the honourable thing – even though he has his reservations about revenge.

Known as “the best metalworker in the worst part of London,” Jonah Grayson‘s skill with tools is matched only by his stubbornness. He is also a Groundling, not a sky pirate. While he wants nothing to do with sky piracy, he finds himself left with no choice but to join the tiny crew after his tidy little world is shattered. Jonah is a very serious character who would prefer to be left alone at his work bench than hurtling across the sky on a revenge quest in which he has no real stake.

At almost twenty years old, Xiang is the oldest, most educated, and most prestigious crew member. A fifth-generation sky pirate, she flew on the Jewel in the Sky, another powerful pirate skyship destroyed by the Coral Snake. Xiang’s impressive pedigree earned her the nickname Little Diamond, a title which she has no qualms about using to her advantage. She is skilled, practical, and kind-hearted, but she is also all too willing to keep dark secrets despite knowing that they could jeopardise everything.

Vlady Koslov is suspended between worlds. Born and raised a Groundling, he was brought on board The Jewel in the Sky at age fourteen as a “bit of salt” – in other words, cannon fodder. Despite his ignoble beginnings, Vlady loves the camraderie and excitement of the sky pirate life and would do anything to keep that life…including lie to everyone that he knows. Above all else he is loyal to Xiang, who took him under her wing when he first boarded the Jewel in the Sky.